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Today the job market is changing.  Are you changing with it.  What was a traditional job 10 years ago doesn't exist.  Today, you need to translate your skills to non-traditional jobs.  When I entered the workforce 25 years ago there were no opportunities for people with disabilities so I created my own.  Are you able to do the same thing.  Here is an example of someone who did just that.  He was one of 60,000 laid off from Earthlink. Instead of going out into the job market he created his own business opportunity whenhe started his business as as a website designer.
His next step was to incorporate some of the skills he utilized while working at Earthlink and advertise for customers who needed someone to make a home visit to repair their computers, and third, he met a plumber who lost his job and offered to build him a website and market his website---today he has a 65/35 split with the plumber when he finds the plumber customers. The last thing he did to expand his business was look for individuals who needed to market their business online with a website.  Do you have the skills to do the same thing--that is what CPI helps you do.
Benefits to using CPI:
Build good communication skills
Become a good listener
Set achievable goals
Learn to outsource
Build good relationships

Become a good leader