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We offer

one-on-One Coaching
Group Coaching
Strategy to plan a career around one's passion
Using technology such as social media to promote one's business
Overcoming one's personal obstacles to set and reach goals

We work with management level men and women who have lost their jobs and want to focus on making their own economy.

  • Understand how to build a business for yourself instead of creating a “job”
  • Identify your strengths and leverage them to become a successful entrepreneur
  • Define your target market and identify specific opportunities
  • Improve your marketing and sales strategy and tactics
  • Define your brand and identity
  • Build a personalized financial and business plan

And Much More!

Additional Resources

We offer downloadable audios from our tele-seminars and webinars that we have presented.

 Virtual classes /Webinars

classes where you use both the phone and the Internet to participate 60 to 90 minute learning events. Participants not only learn more when online sessions supplement in house training classes, but students interaction and satisfaction levels improve as well. Online learning can help to develop your management, sales or customer service staff faster, minimize time away from the job, and let your internal HR or training staff concentrate on other important projects which can increase productivity.

We have books and resources that are selections specifically chosenand recommended as support resources to assist managers and staff in the continuous development of their skills and abilities.


Electronic textyou can download and print. They are packed with information developed specifically to address the needs of managers, teams, and customer service professionals.

Train the trainer sessions

Help your training staff meet the needs of your ever-changing work for us and provide them with the tools and resources to design great training programs. Our train the trainer programs may be the answer for your business! These programs can be offered both in-house and online at three webinars and our topics are designed to provide your internal staff with resources and information they need to present training workshops in your organization at any time.they are designed to provide your internal staff with resources and information they need to present training workshops at your organization at any time trainers will learn how to incorporate appropriate adult learning methodologies that help with disciplines learn more easily and apply information more easily and effectively to their jobs. Trainers will learn how to assess participants needs and design a program to meet these needs using appropriate resources and tools available. Trainers will create a customized application plan and timeline to implement their new knowledge and enhanced performance in your organization.

Upon successful  completion of any of our train the trainer set workshops or programs, trainers can immediately teach the workshop in their organization or in any other applications outside of the organization. Trainers will purchase appropriate workbooks and tools for each workshop from CPI.

Group Coaching 

Private Platinum Level

Platinum Level

Gold Level

Silver Level

Contact us to request information on any of our train the trainer programs and our in house training programs.


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