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Career Performance Institute

Career Performance Institute is a nationally known company that helps you learn to create your own opportunities in life and to live without limits. We help our clients with performance improvement that works with companies focused on developing the skills and abilities of their management teams, customer service team, and front-line workers, as a strategic priority for business growth.  This is a very important issue in a poor economy because people are always looking for good customer service-- to keep customers coming back today it is very important to offer good customer service even if you own your own business.

We take the time to understand the big picture in a company for goals, objectives, interpersonal relationships, and success measures, then recommend practical programs and steps that can be easily implemented and applied in the work environment to improve performance, relationships, and communication. CPI has presented tele-seminars and webinars for senior executives, directors, and front-line supervisory level employees; as well as, in-house training programs.  We provide only the highest quality of blended learning solutions. Our assessments, virtual training classes, books, and other resources have been carefully selected to assist you in developing solutions that fit your needs for "just-in-time training".

Our seminars and in-house training programs for management, customer service, and teams focus on developing fundamental skills necessary to build strong, loyal relationships with employees, team members, and customers. CPI is committed to offering quality programs that have a visible impact on performance. In every learning solution, CPI insures that participants walk away with personal "commitment to personally coach" to make positive changes as a result of their learning. Our programs have been described as progressive, innovative, and highly interactive. Participants in CPI webinars and tele-seminars continually remarked on the enthusiasm, energy, and thoughtfulness of the facilitator when interacting with others in a learning environment.

Your investment in CPI is important. We partner with each and every client to develop quality programs at a fair price. We pride ourselves on our ability to be creative and flexible in order to stay within your budget and time frame, continually focusing in on meeting your stated goals and development objectives. The many reasons to use career performance Institute as your strategic training and development partner are:

* competitive and fair pricing for today's market

* utilize "blended learning model "to provide  "just in time" learning for busy professionals and managers

* proven experience working with Fortune 500 companies

* flexible with teams of professionals and associates with years of experience in developing, facilitating, and managing workplace learning programs, as well as, performance improvement initiatives

* certified to use a variety of powerful assessment designed to improve performance and enhance personal understanding and development

* ability to customize and tailor each and every seminar to meet our client's specific needs

*Easy to work with, energized, and honest

* results oriented programs focus on improving relationships with employees, team members, customers, coworkers, and personal contacts

* a visible return on your investment

just as we offered these guarantees to companies we also offer these guarantees to our clients that we work with on a one on one basis in our career and life coaching sessions.